Calgary, Canada

Calgary’s Beneficiary:


A province where trans and gender diverse individuals are surrounded by positivity, affirmation and support free from barriers, stigma and discrimination.


To connect trans and gender diverse youth, adults and families with comprehensive and low barrier access to the support they need and deserve.

Meet Logistics

Date: June 14, 2020
Athletes Arrive: 8:00am
Lifting Begins: 9:00am
Location: Evolve Strength Sunridge
2985 23 Ave NE, Unit 125
Calgary, Alberta T1Y 7L3

Meet Director Contact Information:

Seminar Details

LGBT 101

This workshop is an introduction to the language, context, and history of the LGBTQ2+ community, including local community resources and networks.

Presentation made by James Demers, Executive Director of the Calgary Queer Arts Society and the lead educator of the OUTReels Diversity Education Program. James has worked as a trans activist in Alberta for 11 years, working with a variety of organizations, corporations and government institutions to create a more equitable world for LGBT people and their families.

Date: June 13, 2020
Location: The Patricia A. Whalen Theatre Central Library
800 3 St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0E7, Canada

Open to everyone, not just participants in Pull For Pride!

Meet Directors

Nathalie Hasiuk, owner of Evolve Strength:

I am the owner/operator of Evolve Strength Sunridge, a peak performance training facility in the city of Calgary. I was involved in opening the gym from the ground up, budgets, forecasts, finding a building, lease negotiations, permits, build-out, equipment purchase, lay-out and daily operations.

Since opening the gym I have planned a few events including a strongman competition where all the money raised went to buying and filling backpacks for kids in need. We successfully raised enough money to buy and fill 44 backpacks. I am currently organizing and preparing for our 1 year anniversary where we will be having a competition to raise funds to provide new cots and cribs for the Ronald MacDonald House of Calgary. Our facility is also host to events put on by the Alberta Weightlifting Association as well as the Alberta Powerlifting Union. I also have on my team a trainer that has directed many powerlifting meets.

Our team at Evolve has a wide variety of trainers and coaches with a vast knowledge in setting up and directing meets.

Maddie Papson, Calgary Pride:

I am the Logistics Manager with Calgary Pride.

Calgary Pride was formed in 1987 and held it’s first Gay and lesbian Pride Festival in 1988. Calgary Pride currently runs the Calgary Pride Parade and Pride in the Park and Memorial Park Pride each September. Reading with Royalty is our year round program in partnership with Calgary Public Libraries. We have a well organized volunteer committee who will be able to fill any roles for this. As Calgary has it’s Pride celebration in September (due to weather) we will have resources available in June for this event.

Elsie Saly, Director:

I’m a lawyer with the Real Estate Council of Alberta. I am transgender. I saw the Pull for Pride event posts on Instagram and loved all of it. I brought this to the attention of Calgary Pride and worked to find a gym to host. I’ll be coordinating with Calgary Pride and Evolve Strength to facilitate a successful event.

Evolve Strength, Calgary Sunridge

Evolve Strength is a family of strength and health facilities. We provide the best environment for our members to train, and businesses to thrive!

Being a strength focused facility, Evolve offers the best equipment to our members, ensuring they can train the way they prefer, without limitations. We also provide health professionals and personal trainers a home to grow their business. Our facilities are setup to allow any health and wellness professional the opportunity to operate their own business how they want, while providing them the support needed to grow!

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