June 8, 2019

Time: 12pm

2861 N Clybourn Ave
Chicago, IL 60618

Pull For Pride Chicago is benefitting nonprofit Project Fierce, a grassroots response to LGBTQ youth homelessness. Project Fierce Chicago seeks to create affirming transitional housing for LGTBQIA+ youth in Chicago that is responsive to the needs of young people. By mobilizing their community, they provide pathways to independence.


Matt Blankenberger

Matt is a master trainer, powerlifter, and vice president of Rockwell Barbell in Chicago, IL. He can be reached at @pig_collective_strength or pig-collective.com

Kayla Anderson

Kayla is a personal trainer and powerlifter at Rockwell Barbell in Chicago, IL. She can be reached at @lackluxx or strengthforeverybody.com

Lawrence Scott

Lawrence is a master trainer, powerlifter, podcaster, and the owner of Rockwell Barbell in Chicago, IL. He can be reached at @rockwellbarbell or rockwellbarbell.com

Ali Pope

Ali is a body piercer and powerlifter who primarily trains at Rockwell Barbell in Chicago, IL, and who also donates their time to the Open Powerlifting project.

Rockwell Barbell

Rockwell Barbell was founded in the fall of 2014 by Lawrence Scott. He and many others became frustrated with traditional gyms and other personal training studios and decided something needed to be done. The first Rockwell started in the basement of a rundown factory building with the idea of creating a training environment that was appropriate for the goals at hand. This was done out of pure necessity and not a grand business venture by the inexperienced. After a year exactly, it had outgrown its original space and became a fully functional personal training studio and private training facility. Now it’s a staple for personal training, strength and conditioning, powerlifting and bodybuilding in Chicago that still maintains its gritty edge. Rockwell Barbell is home to Ladies Who Lift and the quarterly (and free!) Chicago LGBTQIA Lifting Seminar.

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