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Pull For Pride is run differently than traditional powerlifting meets.Pull For Pride is a deadlift-only event. Flights will also be organized by lightest to attempt to heaviest attempt, however, Pull For Pride has eliminated weight classes and gender categorizations. All of the flights will simply be grouped together with around 12-14 people lifting similar weights, in order of attempt selection. All gender identities and all weight classes lift together.

Example run of Pull For Pride:

Flight One: Athletes lifting between 50 – 200lbs

Flight Two: Athletes lifting between 201lbs – 300lbs

Flight Three: Athletes lifting 300lbs+

The only things we require are safe footwear and covered shins. Please, no lifting in stilettos and no bleeding on the barbell! Everything else is up to the athlete. We highly encourage flair (we’ve had people wear an inflatable unicorn costume, for instance), but we are also welcoming of folks who just want to show up in sweats. It’s their platform and their day!

While this is a fun event, not a traditional competition, there are a few standard ground rules to ensure event continuity.  These rules will be reviewed the day of the event before each flight begins.

  1. Do not drop the barbell
  2. Athletes can pull conventional or sumo
  3. No hitching (hitching is when a lifter bends their knees and positions the barbell on their thighs in order to use their thighs as a ramp, to pull the weight up)

You must follow the commands of the head ref, who will be positioned in front of the bar.

  1. Approach the bar.
  2. Lift the weight and fully “lock out”: full extension of the knees and hips, with shoulders stacked over hips.
  3. Stand with the weight locked out until the head ref commands you to lower the weight:
  4. The head ref will give the command for you to lower the weight.
    • Keep your hands on the bar as you lower the weight down
    • Do not drop the weight
  • It is standard to allot 1 minute per left in powerlifting competitions, (though this is typically an over estimate).
  • Each athlete gets 3 attempts. Each athlete, therefore, gets 3 minutes.
  • An event with 40 athletes and two fifteen minute breaks 2.5 hours long 
    • (40 Athletes X 3 Minutes) + (2 Breaks X 15 Minutes)
  • We encourage athletes to arrive 1 hour before the event starts to check-in and be present for the rules briefing/warm-up. 
  • Start to finish, an event with 40 athletes should assume 3 to 4 hours. 
  • Start to finish, an event with 60 athletes should assume 4 to 5 hours.
  • Start to finish, an event with 100-200 athletes should assume a full day of a good time. 

Pull For Pride is a fundraiser, not a traditional competition. No “winners” are officially determined, however all athletes receive free entry into the raffle.

$50 to lift and $25 for an event t-shirt. However, if you are unable to pay for the registration fee, please contact Breanna (she/they), Director of Pull for Pride, at breanna@pullforpride.com and we will work with you and the city event director to get you registered for free. 

No. It is not within everyone’s means to fundraise and it is not a requirement to participate in Pull For Pride.

We encourage people to raise $1 per 1lb of weight lifted. For example, if your third attempt is a 400lb deadlift then you could raise $400 total. Participants have asked their networks with means to donate to do so (friends, family, community members, local businesses) towards their total. Please remember to direct donations to the GoFundMe for the city you are lifting in as! 

Yes. Bring cash donations to your Pull for Pride event and donate it to donation bin on site. 

♦ Please contact Program Director Breanna Diaz (she/they) with any additional questions: Breanna@PullForPride.com


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