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Pull for Pride is a series of strength sport fundraisers held annually throughout the month of June (US Pride Month) that benefit local LGBTQIA2+ centered nonprofits. From the Ali Forney Center in NYC, to Safe Space and Diversity in Richmond, VA.

For 2022, we’re looking for dedicated meet directors who celebrate and affirm the LGBTQIA2+ community and who are committed to providing truly welcoming spaces for athletes of all backgrounds.


apply to host

Review and complete the application and tell us where you’re located, why you’re interested in hosting a Pull for Pride event, the organization(s) your event will benefit, and more. Please contact Breanna Diaz (she/they), Director of Pull for Pride, with any questions about the application and events. In the spirit of ensuring quality events, the health and safety of our community during a pandemic, and our Pull for Pride team’s accompanying capacities, we will be limiting 2022’s series of events to five cities.

To be eligible to become a PfP 2022 Meet Director you must:

  • Be responsible for locating and securing a location for the meet, including obtaining permits for the venue if you wish to hold the meet outdoors.
  • Live in the city where you are planning to host the meet.
  • Be present and available to run the full meet.
  • Advertise PfP 2022 in your community.
  • Organize volunteers to assist in running the meet.
  • Gather opening attempts for all lifters.
  • Be available for optional monthly check-ins with PfP Directors.
  • Spend a minimum of 3 hours per week organizing for the meet, which may increase to 5-10 hours per week in the month of June.

Pull for Pride will provide financial assistance and operations support to selected cities, including a $500 Event Budget per city.

The last day to apply to become a Pull for Pride 2022 Meet Director is December 20, 2021. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

*Please note: If we have numerous applications for one city, we may ask you to work with a co-director/assistant director. Preference is given to applications listing local/city LGBTQIA+ organizations that are led by and/or serve Black, Indigenous, and other queer and/or trans people of color (QTBIPOC) as benefiting orgs.

While this is a fun event, not a traditional competition, there are a few standard ground rules to ensure event continuity.  These rules will be reviewed the day of the event before each flight begins.

  1. Do not drop the barbell
  2. Athletes can pull conventional or sumo
  3. No hitching (hitching is when a lifter bends their knees and positions the barbell on their thighs in order to use their thighs as a ramp, to pull the weight up)

You must follow the commands of the head ref, who will be positioned in front of the bar.

  1. Approach the bar.
  2. Lift the weight and fully “lock out”: full extension of the knees and hips, with shoulders stacked over hips.
  3. Stand with the weight locked out until the head ref commands you to lower the weight:
  4. The head ref will give the command for you to lower the weight.
    • Keep your hands on the bar as you lower the weight down
    • Do not drop the weight


Pull For Pride is a deadlift-only event. Flights will be organized by lightest attempt to heaviest attempt. Pull For Pride has eliminated weight classes and gender categorizations. Flights are grouped with roughly 12-14 people whose first attempts are similar in weight. Example run of Pull for Pride: Flight One: Athletes lifting between 50 – 200lbs Flight Two: Athletes lifting between 201lbs – 300lbs Flight Three: Athletes lifting 300lbs+ How are winners determined? Pull For Pride is a fundraiser, not a traditional competition. No “winners” are officially determined. Instead, each event will have a raffle for prizes, and all lifters who complete their deadlift attempts will receive additional entries into the raffle.

Yes! Details coming soon. For now, email development director Shannon Auli (

When an athlete registers, they are sent detailed information about the event. Additional questions can be sent to program director Breanna Diaz,, at any time!

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