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The Share the Platform Grant provides funding to transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and intersex athletes who need assistance in paying for costs related to participation in strength sports. Participation in sports is a human right. Participation in any strength sport should not be contingent on an individual’s gender identity, gender expression, or socioeconomic status.

The Share the Platform Grant was created in response to the powerlifting community’s commitment to a truly trans-inclusive and affirming sport. In 2018, USA Powerlifting (USAPL) implemented a blanket ban on transgender people from competeting in the division consistent with their gender identity. Pull for Pride Co-Directors, JayCee Cooper and Breanna Diaz, as well as many other concerned USAPL members, came together to draft a trans-inclusive policy — one consistent with the policies adopted by the International Olympic Committee and the International Powerlifting Federation. Unfortunately, USAPL rejected our policy proposal and leadership stands firm in their harmful misunderstanding of the trans community.

Trans lifters belong on the platform.

Grant Description

What will the grant cover? The grant is intended to cover costs associated with participation in strength sports, including gym membership (monthly), required lifting equipment (shoes, belts, singlets, wrist wraps, and knee sleeves), federation membership dues, competition/meet dues.

What is the timeline for applying?

  1. The application is now open:
    Share The Platform Grant Application

  2. Applications are currently open


Please contact Grant Directors Breanna Diaz ( and Jaycee Cooper ( with any questions.

Selection Committee

Breanna Diaz

Breanna Diaz (she/her) is a queer, Latinx woman, whose lived experience deeply informs her advocacy. She received her law degree from American University, Washington College of Law. Prior to joining PWN-USA, Breanna served as Junior Legislative Counsel at the Human Rights Campaign advocating for state and federal issues impacting the most marginalized of the LGBTQ community. Her policy and advocacy areas of interest include immigration, criminal justice, and voting rights.

JayCee Cooper

JayCee Cooper (she/they) is a Co-Director for Pull for Pride, transfabulous, gender non-conforming, queer powerlifter and fathlete. They are also a former elite level curler, competitive rower, and roller derby athlete.

Karleigh Webb

Karleigh Webb (she/her) is a contributing journalist to, a freelance video/broadcast journalist with over 25 years of experience across disciplines, and an organizer/activist with the Party for Socialism and Liberation. She is also a staff operator with Trans Lifeline. She is also an avid athlete as a runner, cyclist, multi-event athlete and a softball competitor in the Southern New England Softball Friendship League.

Mary Gregory

Mary Gregory (she/her) is an active powerlifting competitor, coach, ref, and transgender woman. Lifting and competing have been an important and therapeutic piece of her life, especially for helping stay grounded while navigating major life events related to transition. Mary is excited to be a part of helping other trans individuals reach their goals for lifting, competing, and being involved in strength sports.

Val Zayden Schull

Val Zayden Schull (they/them/theirs) has been competing in powerlifting since 2016. They hope to continue to support trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming strength athletes by pursuing their ACE certification for personal training and promoting gender inclusive policies in fitness spaces.

Thank You
Special thanks to Superfit Hero, Strong Athletic, participants from Share the Platform Nationwide, and individual donors for their support.

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You can help transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and intersex athletes participate in sports, with a one-time or monthly gift.

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