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Align Your Brand With a National Community of Athletes, Change Makers, And Inclusive Gyms

Seven cities. On-site signage nationally. 300+ athletes. 200+ volunteers. Thousands of estimated spectators. Feature on WomensStrengthCoalition.com and PullForPride.com. Impressions via all event social media, including official donation page that will be sent out to participant’s family and friends.

Estimated total brand reach of over 100,000 impressions.

Setting The Stage

This June, over 300 athletes will break barriers and make history during the second annual Pull for Pride. Participants will uplift and support homeless LGBTQ youth around the country by lifting as much weight as they can. For each pound the athlete plans to lift, they pledge to raise $1 for a nonprofit in their community that provides direct support to LGBTQ youth struggling with homelessness. 2017’s Pull for Pride found coverage in publications such as the New York Times, Buzzfeed, Outside Magazine, and more. 

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  • Event homepage logo with website link on PullForPride.com
  • Logo and website link on PullForPride.com Sponsor page (top placement)
  • Social media integration via Facebook and Instagram
  • Name and logo included in all athlete communication pre and post-event for all seven cities
  • Local on-site sponsor “thank you” signage in all seven cities
  • Recognition in sponsor “ThankYou” materials (i.e. website, email, packet print-out, on-site signage) for all seven cities
  • Option to contribute service/product/gift card for raffle
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